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Szilvia Lafferton

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Aloe Vera Coaching is the result of my research for natural cures for diabetes and natural products based on Aloe Vera.

My name is Szilvia Lafferton, I have been a diabetic myself for 29 years. Today I am a natural health care coach. I walk the talk, which means that I have really experienced everything I am talking about today, what follows is my own journey.

 The beginning of my life as a diabetic was a nightmare. I did not understand the changes and chaos in my body, nor how to use the drugs and materials for my treatment. I was frustrated and demotivated to have to do calculations before each meal, measure blood sugar a lot of times per day and on top of all of that, to write a journal on the request of my diabetologist! Over time, I got used to it, and I survived. No more than that.

 Ten years ago, the practice of my first fast (my first Ramadan, in fact) was decisive. My blood sugar was balanced during the day, it only increased at night because of the beautiful (and delicious!) cakes and the ambiance of breaking the fast for the night. But despite some off-limit nights, I noticed that my health condition was improving. 

Later, I discovered the water fasting according to the "Buchinger" method. Only two days of water fasting, but what happened was incredible. Having always heard that diabetes cannot be cured, this event made me question my knowledge. Above all, I had found a strong hope that my diabetes could one day disappear. It pushed me to study to become a naturopath and further water fasting periods followed over a longer periods. 

My daily life is already busy but I continue my research, full of enthusiasm.

Today, I know that we have the opportunity to live well and for a long time, with health and vitality by taking care of our body before we feel the pain.


How? There is no magic pill, of course, nor is there any therapy that only treats symptoms. But a change in our way of life can solve the underlying problems and not only the symptoms.

 I would like to share my experiences with you, motivate you and coach you along your life full of energy and vitality.

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