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Szilvia Lafferton

Natural health care coach

Coaching for nutrition

diabetes, fasting and skincare

To make your life more beautiful!


  • Are you a successful women, but really busy in work and family life so that you don’t have time for yourself?
  • Sometimes you are so stressed that you even forget to eat or you eat non stop sweets?


  • You are frustrated with your shape, health and low energy level?

  • you feel always tired and sleep to much?

Out of balance?

  • You have a chronic disease and you have to take medicaments but you are not able to balance it so that you feel good and full of energy?


  • With all the information in the media about what to eat and what not to eat you are lost about what you should really eat?
  • You tried a lot of diets on your own, but you skip them after short time without seeing or maintaining results?

It doesn't have to be like that !

You’re smart. If you could have done it alone, you would have already. Nothing’s wrong with you. The way to achieve all you want is to follow a proven path to creating the results you want: with an expert guidance, an individualised nutrition plan based on your blood test, a new body awareness and people to keep you on track and accountable.

In one year’s time, you would like to see significant changes in your body and health? It is time get started!  Reach out to me by phone or mail and see if I can help.

My programs

A present for you!

your healthy diary

Ready to start a new life? Observe yourself and your nutrition and you will find patterns in your habits. This healthy diary will help you to detect them and to change them to the good. Start a fulfilled and healthy life. Get your free healthy diary to download.

One week of in-depth follow-up to find your habits and lots of tips to make your journaling easier.

Tell me your story to see if I can help you.

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My practice


8 rue des Jardiniers

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Tél. : 06 89 27 57 60
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Tuesday and thursday 9h - 18h
Saturday 9h - 12h

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